Workplace Capability Assessments

Workplace Capability Assessments

We have several different levels of capability assessments available depending on the severity of the problem and length of absence. However, all capability assessments are based on a 'plan of action' and include

  • A dedicated and accessible case manager throughout the process
  • A detailed clinical history with advice as to appropriate treatment
  • A detailed breakdown of the job role with recommendations designed to overcome any issues
  • Answers to any specific questions posed by the referring manager
  • Commentary on capability, the equality act, and any other relevant considerations
  • A detailed report, setting out steps to be taken, by whom, any associated cost and time-frames
  • A graded plan, setting out how a sustainable return to work can be implemented if appropriate

The type of return to work reports and planning we often undertake are below, please contact us to discuss which is right for you or if you are unsure or have bespoke needs.

  • Virtual plan of action

    • For short term absence and prevention
    • Undertaken via telephone or video link
    • Identifies the barriers to work and offers immediate advice on return to work
    • AHP Fit-Note included

  • Face to face plan of action

    • A detailed look at the clinical situation of the employee
    • Specific clinical advice regarding the psychological, cognitive and physical wellbeing
    • Onward referrals to appropriate rehabilitation if required
    • For moderate to complex absences

  • Psychological plan of action

    • For employees struggling with mental health in the workplace
    • Psychological barriers of attending work
    • Self-help advice or referral to our online CBT or face to face talking therapy

Vocational Case Management

Following a workplace assessment, we may identify that an employee has a need for longer-term support to help them back to work or keep them in sustained work. We will give a clear indication on case management and external costs and timeframes from the out-set.

Kinetic Health’s case managers will liaise with all stakeholders, including employers and GPs, make referrals to treating healthcare services and monitor the progress of the employee’s ongoing health and workplace capability. Monthly progress reports are sent as standard to employers as part of active case management.

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