Helping you to manage employee health & wellbeing....

About Us

At Kinetic Health, we understand the complexity of injury and illness and all of our dedicated case managers are skilled at problem solving.

We offer a 'joined up approach' to helping employees back to sustainable work. This mean that all stakeholders are involved throughout the process and are at ease in the knowledge that we are using our skills to find a mutually beneficial way forward.

Who we work with....

We work with small, medium and large companies across diverse industry, therefore we do NOT offer a one size fits all service. We understand that every industry, company and employee is unique; we offer a bespoke service to suit your needs.

During the referral process, we will identify ALL the information that you need to know and will be totally accessible throughout the process. Our case managers will be in regular communication with both employees and managers to ensure that the most accurate reports and plans of action are produced.

We are impartial and will always convey a true reflection on employee capability and will answer all specific questions you ask.

Kinetic Health are well placed to support all types of industry and size of business.